Soup No. 12: Pasta Piselli

Jan.24.10 § 2 Comments

I am broke.
The new focus of this blog is how to survive off soup when you’re broke as hell.
After making Christmas pea soup, I realized I’d taken too much money out of my budget for a little soup. I bought good quality Parmesan for that soup. Tsk, tsk, poor girl. You better cut that out.

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Soup No. 10: It’s as easy as A, B, C

Dec.22.09 § Leave a comment

Standard, weekly disclaimer: I have commitment issues. I mean to keep this blog fresh, I swear. I’ll do better in the new year. It’s even on my list of resolutions. I pinky promise. But my commitment to feeding myself, and others, remains unwavering. So here is the soup I made last week.

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Soup No. 9: Vegan tomato bisque

Dec.14.09 § 3 Comments

I could have used the milk in my fridge to make this a bisque. But that was not the intention at all. The goal with this recipe was to take tomato soup, something I find deliciously frustrating, and turn it into a protein and fiber packed meal.

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Cooking for One: Quick’n’Noodle

Nov.25.09 § Leave a comment

Yes, this is the bonus round ladies and gentlemen. To make up for being tardy with my posts, here’s an extra and the beginning of the Cooking for One series. These recipes will be soups I make in a flash, they yield a small amount and they’re delicious! This is an adapted version of the most recent post and one you can make any time you feel like it, for two or just for you!

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Magic Chickpea Noodle

Nov.24.09 § 5 Comments

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Almost vegan “chicken” soup

Oct.24.09 § Leave a comment

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