Soup No. 8: Holy Frijoles, Batman!

Dec.06.09 § Leave a comment

I eat beans religiously. There are lots of beans in every soup I make. You may have made note of this by now, or I may have given some sort of disclaimer. This recipe is a good example of why I love cooking with them. This recipe also represents my first ever original recipe, not influenced by family tradition and not just an alteration of someone else’s recipe. Because of that, while I was writing the recipe and in the kitchen putting it together, there was A LOT going on in my head. “This is going to turn out terrible, you should just use a recipe, are you sure you should add another teaspoon of that? Do you really want to turn on the immersion blender?” etc, etc. But, much to my surprise, the soup is exactly what I wanted and just the kind of soup I always hope for when I’m making a recipe from a book. It never turns out and I guess that’s because it’s someone else’s. This, ladies and gentlemen, is mine, all mine! And now its yours, all yours!

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