Pantry Garlic Soup

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Baked eggs

Jan.14.11 § 4 Comments

Eggs in a bed of kale and cheddar cheese, baked in a bain-marie.

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Cooking for One: Christmas spaghetti

Jan.08.11 § 2 Comments

I know. Christmas is over. It’s long gone, actually. But, perhaps because I moved into my apartment right in the midst of the holiday and spent several of my first nights here listening to Christmas carols and knitting, I just can’t shake the spirit! The new apartment was the best Christmas gift I could have ever given myself. And boy, did I work hard for it. The rewards just keep on coming, such as time spent in the tiny kitchen and results like this.

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Ripe summer spaghetti

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White bean patties

Feb.07.10 § 1 Comment

This super healthy recipe got turned not-so-healthy by my ever-present, burning desire for one thing: cheese. Still, all around it’s not bad. It’s pretty balanced as long as you keep the pasta serving small.

I took that crock pot full of nearly-mush white beans I mentioned and put them to good use. These patties are strikingly similar to the texture of crab cakes, except the chunks aren’t backfin crabmeat, they’re whole white beans, chopped onions, grated carrots and minced garlic. The flavor was on point and the tangy lemon juice was a good accent with the cheesy sauce. I adapted it from this recipe. Not only did I have a lot of beans on hand, I also had some leftover carrots and that recipe coincidentally called for shredded carrot.

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Soup No. 12: Pasta Piselli

Jan.24.10 § 2 Comments

I am broke.
The new focus of this blog is how to survive off soup when you’re broke as hell.
After making Christmas pea soup, I realized I’d taken too much money out of my budget for a little soup. I bought good quality Parmesan for that soup. Tsk, tsk, poor girl. You better cut that out.

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Soup No. 11: Oh Christmas pea, Oh Christmas pea

Dec.27.09 § 1 Comment

Okay, there’s nothing particularly Christmasy about this soup, except that it’s green. It’s a Parmesan Pea soup made with green peas and parmesan rind and just a touch of dried mint. The recipe is a bit summery, especially if you kick up the mint and use fresh picked and if you serve the soup chilled. But if you serve it warm with some crusty bread it tastes like all of the flavors in one of my favorite childhood dishes, Pasta Piselli. That is a separate soup, though. If you’re Ital « Read the rest of this entry »

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