Quick Fix Miso

Apr.26.11 § 1 Comment

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Cooking for One: Christmas spaghetti

Jan.08.11 § 2 Comments

I know. Christmas is over. It’s long gone, actually. But, perhaps because I moved into my apartment right in the midst of the holiday and spent several of my first nights here listening to Christmas carols and knitting, I just can’t shake the spirit! The new apartment was the best Christmas gift I could have ever given myself. And boy, did I work hard for it. The rewards just keep on coming, such as time spent in the tiny kitchen and results like this.

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Cooking for One: Quick’n’Noodle

Nov.25.09 § Leave a comment

Yes, this is the bonus round ladies and gentlemen. To make up for being tardy with my posts, here’s an extra and the beginning of the Cooking for One series. These recipes will be soups I make in a flash, they yield a small amount and they’re delicious! This is an adapted version of the most recent post and one you can make any time you feel like it, for two or just for you!

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