My name is Laura D.

I am a working writer/editor who loves to cook. I’m 25 and I live in DC with my cat, Darrell. He also loves food, especially lasagna, fine cheeses, tofu and edamame. We have similar tastes.

My philosophy on cooking and eating is one of curiousity and well being. My recipes are frugal and geared toward health without sacrificing taste or comfort, which is easier than most people think. I want to try new foods and eat things I like, but most importantly, things that make me feel good.

Being a foodie is in my blood. My paternal grandmother was a foodie ahead of her time, as glamorous as the Hollywood actresses of her day, and yet as ingenious in the kitchen — albeit quite clumsy — as the one and only Julia Child. And as a journalist, I want to share my experiences as a foodie with anyone who may be interested.

My web designer is Contessa Crisostomo.

My graphic designer is Robb Leef.

Find me on Twitter @soupbowltweets.

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