I haven’t been doing nothing

Oct.23.11 § 1 Comment

Inconsistent blogging is the sin of all sins. But but but… I have been buried in all sorts of work. THIS IS GRAD SCHOOOOOL!! (I’ve never even seen that Sparta movie, I just wanted to say that.) Anyway, like I posted on Tumblr a few weeks ago (exactly 3 weeks ago, Tumblr tells me) — just because I’m not blogging doesn’t mean I’m not cooking.

Here’s proof.

The screen shots above are of my midterm project for my first ever graduate school class which I completed today. Time to CELEBRATE right? Turns out when you’re completely overworked and suffering from what I have decided to call “html exhaustion,” celebrating means sleeping.

I’ll have another project to share soon, but this one seems most relevant and pertinent. It’s a harvest menu made of five vegan dishes you can serve at Thanksgiving or anytime these veggies are in your kitchen. It includes a soup, a hearty mash, savory stuffing, sweet candied carrots and a substantial mushroom and greens casserole. I got most of my ingredients at the local farmers market to try and showcase the in-season bounty. Please share your feedback about the site, the recipes, or whatever!

Below are some pix that didn’t make the final cut.


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