Uncle Ed’s one pot chicken and stock

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Ratatouille du marché

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DC Foodie Survey

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As a journalist and foodie, I am extremely interested  in my readers. Knowing your audience is so important. And so I wonder… Who’s reading? Why are they reading? Why do they find this interesting? Do they find this interesting? Well now, I have the chance to find out!

This is an exciting opportunity brought to my attention by Rohan at DC-365. He came up with a survey for both DC food bloggers and their readers. If you have never checked out his exciting, adventurous blog, I recommend that, too. But first things first, take the survey.

Just click here to participate. The best part it is, it will not only help us learn more about ourselves and our readers, but you get the chance to win a free dinner. And lastly, if  you fill out the survey please let me know by leaving a comment. In your comment, if you wouldn’t mind, tell me what your favorite soup is. I am always looking for new ideas!

Have a great weekend!

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