Feb.02.11 § 2 Comments

Oh, hello. So, I really like the word “retrofitting.” I think that’s because it connotes combining something old with something new and hopefully thereby allowing the best of both to remain. That’s what I’m doing here at thesoupbowl as of late. I am retrofitting this site with photos, starting with the recipes I posted last year. I can’t just leave them there incomplete, and I certainly don’t want to start all over. Those recipes are staples in my kitchen. They are going to get tidied up and made pretty. I look at this whole “blogging” thing as my own cookery bookery almost. I’m sure we’ve all seen Julie and Julia by now, drooled over the bruschetta that sent some of us straight to the store for a baguette and some tomatoes, and maybe some of us have even read Julia Child’s book My Life in France. How many edits did she make to that manuscript before it became Mastering the Art of French Cooking? But blogs are not books. Though they are neither periodicals, nor are they news publications. Their impermanence is the thing I like about them, though it may be one of the few. They can be edited, redrafted, or even retrofitted with some additional media that you may not have possessed the technology for when you made the original post. Or, say you’re a sneaky little bugger trying to pass off your blog as a legitimate news publication and choose to change the time stamp on your posts so it appears you beat all of your real news competitors and always had the story first. There’s no ink on paper here to hold anyone accountable. Oh, but let’s not get me started on the relationship that should exist between news and blogs or the availability of credible, reliable, factual information on the internet. Here, we talk about food. So, check out my Garlic, Greens and Beans post from November of 2009, the first of many of those year-one soups to be revamped in true foodie blogger fashion. Someday I may even be good enough for the new Word Press feature, FoodPress. And if you want to have a food blog, they give such great tips on how to do it right.



§ 2 Responses to Retrofitting

  • Jeannette K. says:

    Excellent website. I look forward to more escapades. Are any of these based on organic ingredients?

    • Laura says:

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting Jeannette! I do cook with many farmers market and organic ingredients, but I understand that can be cost prohibitive for some folks. So, I write my recipes to be simple and easily substituted with whatever one has on hand.

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