Ripe summer spaghetti

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I can’t tell you all how happy I am to be back here, blogging about my dinner, just days after my last post. You have to understand how hard it is for me to abstain from cooking, especially when all my favorite ingredients are in peak eating condition. Unfortunately, these aren’t locally grown ingredients. These are last minute, I have a horrific spaghetti/tomatoes/garlic/basil craving, $8 in my checking account and run into Food Lion on the way home — strategically dodging the gym and all prior commitments.

You may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Spending $8 on an ideal dinner should be no big deal. But I am in a financial straight jacket. I have less money to spend than when I was living the single girl life. Now that I’m living the at-home-with-Daddy life — temporarily, I must stress — I’m using just about every single dollar to pay down my debt. The idea is to never have to do this again, to spend wisely from this day forward and maybe even to teach myself a lesson for all those careless purchases I did make. But as one would imagine, living by such stringent rules can make a girl very, very grumpy. Sometimes she really just wants some carbs, some tomatoes, some freshness in contrast to the canned soup she’s living off daily to avoid the lunchtime dollar-drain. And this, ladies and gentlemen, as simple as it is, was the perfect fix.

Spaghetti with grape tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil

Ingredients (with prices, ooh!)

4 cloves garlic (one bulb, 75 cents)

1 pint of grape tomatoes ($2.50)

A box of spaghetti ($1)

One bunch of fresh basil ($2)


Boil a pot of salted water to cook the spaghetti. This only makes three servings, so use the coordinating amount of pasta.

In a frying pan, heat a couple tablespoons of whatever kind of oil you have on hand at low heat until you can feel the warmth with your hand hovering above the pan. Add the garlic, minced, and sweat it. Slice all the tomatoes in half. Add them to the pot when the garlic has reached desired level of softness, but make sure it doesn’t brown! Add some salt to release the tomato juices. Slice the basil, but don’t add it to the frying pan yet. Turn off the heat on the frying pan.

Drain the pasta, dump it in the frying pan, throw in the basil, toss it all around and dish out into bowls (or one bowl if you’re hoovering it alone, like me). Top with a little parmesan if you have it on hand. Craving satisfied. And I didn’t even eat the whole box of spaghetti…


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