Raw Cashew Pesto

Apr.22.10 § 1 Comment

This should really be called Presto! Pesto! You can make it with any kind of nuts, I just had raw cashews on hand. In saying this, I betray my heritage. But some people just don’t like pignoles (pine nuts) and others, like me, just have some leftover basil they don’t want to waste and throw a quick pesto together. Cashews also happen to be my favorite nut. Anyway, it’s super easy, quick, and the results are delicious and keep in your fridge forever. There are no exact measurements, sorry. But even if you’re a total dummy, pesto isn’t really something you can mess up.


Three cloves garlic

Grated parmesan cheese, about a half a handful

Two large handfuls fresh basil leaves

Two large handfuls nuts

Olive oil


Put garlic, nuts, basil and cheese in food processor. Cover, turn on, stream olive oil through the top opening until desired consistency. You do not want to make it too smooth. The flecks of nuts, garlic and cheese should still be distinguishable from the basil. Transfer to an airtight container for storage. Serve on pasta or spaghetti squash, spread on bread or sandwiches or even eat with quinoa!


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