Sugar cookie win

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I first tried my hand at home baking on a snowy Jan. 30. Most people wouldn’t call it a fail. In fact, ALL the cookies I made got eaten, even the burnt ones I brought to work. But I am a perfectionist. That crap just doesn’t fly around here. Yesterday, another snowy day, I finally had the time to try my revised recipe.


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Winter vegetable stew

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I finally got a snow day. Well, half a snow day. I came home around lunch time and unlike some 20,000 other Delmarva Power customers, I had power! So, I cooked.

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White bean patties

Feb.07.10 § 1 Comment

This super healthy recipe got turned not-so-healthy by my ever-present, burning desire for one thing: cheese. Still, all around it’s not bad. It’s pretty balanced as long as you keep the pasta serving small.

I took that crock pot full of nearly-mush white beans I mentioned and put them to good use. These patties are strikingly similar to the texture of crab cakes, except the chunks aren’t backfin crabmeat, they’re whole white beans, chopped onions, grated carrots and minced garlic. The flavor was on point and the tangy lemon juice was a good accent with the cheesy sauce. I adapted it from this recipe. Not only did I have a lot of beans on hand, I also had some leftover carrots and that recipe coincidentally called for shredded carrot.

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Recipe Review: Black Bean Soup

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I made this crock pot black bean soup recipe last week. Finally, a black bean soup recipe that’s actually good! And it uses the magic machine, ie crock pot, which makes everything scrumptious with so little effort. I made the recipe to a t, which is unusual. Typically I find something I want to change about a recipe and make it my own. But I’ve never had success with black bean soups. I’ve never made one I liked. But I did really like this one. It was definitely the chipotles.

Although it tasted a little bit like this:

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