A note from the author

Jan.27.10 § Leave a comment

Hello foodies and friends. I’ve missed you and I know you’ve missed me, or at least missed my soup. It’s not that I’ve been too busy for you, just too broke — and maybe not resourceful enough — to keep myself in the kitchen cooking up new recipes.

When I came up with the idea for this blog, to cook one soup every week and share the recipe, I never thought I wouldn’t have enough money to keep up with it. My bank account started waning toward the end of December and I thought, once January hits I’ll be back on my feet! But… there wasn’t any big break coming on Jan. 1. Actually I had a week of unpaid leave coming up and so far, January 2010 has been my roughest financial experience of my adult life. And I’m really letting it get me down in the dumps, or I have been.

But I’m going to change! And I’m also going to shift the focus of this blog. So maybe it won’t be one soup per week. But it will be something I keep up with. You WILL hear from me. And I’m going to open up my kitchen to you. Little did you know, soup isn’t the ONLY thing my cooking skills are limited to. Actually, my cooking skills aren’t really limited at all. I used to say I could do everything but bake, but this weekend, the soup savant will become a conqueror of cookies. Unless the cookies do the conquering. We’ll see.

So look forward to that, and a few other additions, like photos, food-related rants and some surprises here and there. Ciao for now!


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