Soup No. 11: Oh Christmas pea, Oh Christmas pea

Dec.27.09 § 1 Comment

Okay, there’s nothing particularly Christmasy about this soup, except that it’s green. It’s a Parmesan Pea soup made with green peas and parmesan rind and just a touch of dried mint. The recipe is a bit summery, especially if you kick up the mint and use fresh picked and if you serve the soup chilled. But if you serve it warm with some crusty bread it tastes like all of the flavors in one of my favorite childhood dishes, Pasta Piselli. That is a separate soup, though. If you’re Ital « Read the rest of this entry »


Soup No. 10: It’s as easy as A, B, C

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Standard, weekly disclaimer: I have commitment issues. I mean to keep this blog fresh, I swear. I’ll do better in the new year. It’s even on my list of resolutions. I pinky promise. But my commitment to feeding myself, and others, remains unwavering. So here is the soup I made last week.

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Soup No. 9: Vegan tomato bisque

Dec.14.09 § 3 Comments

I could have used the milk in my fridge to make this a bisque. But that was not the intention at all. The goal with this recipe was to take tomato soup, something I find deliciously frustrating, and turn it into a protein and fiber packed meal.

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Soup No. 8: Holy Frijoles, Batman!

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I eat beans religiously. There are lots of beans in every soup I make. You may have made note of this by now, or I may have given some sort of disclaimer. This recipe is a good example of why I love cooking with them. This recipe also represents my first ever original recipe, not influenced by family tradition and not just an alteration of someone else’s recipe. Because of that, while I was writing the recipe and in the kitchen putting it together, there was A LOT going on in my head. “This is going to turn out terrible, you should just use a recipe, are you sure you should add another teaspoon of that? Do you really want to turn on the immersion blender?” etc, etc. But, much to my surprise, the soup is exactly what I wanted and just the kind of soup I always hope for when I’m making a recipe from a book. It never turns out and I guess that’s because it’s someone else’s. This, ladies and gentlemen, is mine, all mine! And now its yours, all yours!

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Soup No. 7: Sweet’n’Spicy Pumpkin Chili

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I know, I know. First I don’t post for two weeks. Then I give you three posts in one week. And now I’m M.I.A. again. Consistency is not one of my strong points. But, hey,  I’m here!

So, I made this soup in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. I’ve never cooked with pumpkin before. I’ve never even made a pumpkin pie. I’ve also never even eaten pumpkin soup. That’s probably because its close relative butternut squash doesn’t thrill me in soups. They’re always lacking a punch, like where’s the warmth of a pumpkin pie that I’m expecting? Or the savoriness of a soup? So I knew if I made something with pumpkin, it needed gusto, it needed some “Bam!”

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